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Just Plain Fun

Crystal Springs recovers from dangerous tomato



(courtesy Parks and Recreation of Crystal Springs)

Yesterday someone with the City of Crystal Springs’ emergency alert systems made a typo for the record books.

The post was intended to alert folks about a possible tornado near Gallman; however, this was posted instead:

Media outlets picked up on the error and a good chuckle was had by many.  And maybe that’s what everyone needed in the moment.  Laughter was a welcome distraction to the potential impact of the storms.

In the media world breaking news is where the majority of typos and misstatements occur.  Vicksburg Daily News made our fair share of them during the height of the storm yesterday, including naming someone wrong, giving someone the wrong title and then spelling their name wrong in the correction.

It happens and it happens to every single news source on the planet.

It is what it is.

As such, the City of Crystal Springs’ Parks and Recreation Facebook page responded to the error on the emergency management page with an equally epic response:

Yesterday’s takeaways are these:

  1. It’s wise to heed the old advice “to prepare for the worst but expect the best”.
  2. It is better to be laughed with than to be laughed at.
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