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Daughter asks community for help with mother’s medical expenses



Sabrina Trusty and Courtney Atchley.
Sabrina Trusty and Courtney Atchley
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A reader has reached out to Vicksburg Daily News asking for support for her mother, who is accruing medical bills due to various conditions.

Sabrina Trusty has undergone several health hurdles recently and has been spending most of her time at Mississippi Baptist Cancer Center.

“My mom recently went to the hospital because she was having back pain and when they did the scans discovered a tumor on her kidney, well they took it out it was cancer stage 3, so she went home had bad UTI went back due to fever only to discover the infection was E-Coli with an abscess growing,” stated Trusty’s daughter, Courtney Atchley. “They put a drain in etc…did bunch more tests found possibly more cancer on her lungs as well as heart murmur and a artery that was shrinking..but they can’t even do anything about that until they clear infection so they took the drain out and  sent her home with a pic line.”

According to Atchley, her mother was running a fever once again, a few days later. They went back to the doctor to find the infection and abscess had returned. Though Trusty has insurance, the costs are still piling up.

“She isn’t working she has insurance but it doesn’t cover the full cost but she keeps rushing to get out of the hospital because she has no money and is terrified of what this is fixing to cost her,” stated Atchley.

Anyone wishing to donate can find the GoFundMe page by clicking here. Those that wish to help directly or by non-monetary means may contact Courtney Atchley at 601-218-7350.

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