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Deer breaks into Vicksburg business



deeer breaks into vicksburg business

A deer smashed through a window at a Vicksburg business.

deer breaks into vicksburg business

Campbell Development. Photo by David Day

When Paul Campbell arrived at work this morning he immediately called 911. A window was broken and his office had shattered glass and blood all over it. Leonce Young and Chief Hill responded to the call on Manor Drive at Wisconsin Avenue and cleared the building. There was no one inside.

deer breaks into local business

The office was ransacked, deer style. Photo by David Day

Upon further inspection, they discovered some deer fur by the broken window.

The deer broke through the window, ransacked Paul’s office, left some blood, and then went out the same way he came in. The deer appears to not have been in any other part of the office even though Campbell’s door was open.

deer breaks into vicksburg business

The telltale clue left behind by the culprit. Photo by David Day

Last week a deer attacked a sweet little girl on Fisher Ferry.




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