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Deputy Chief Kimble: “Don’t let the excitement and joy of this holiday season override common sense.”



Troy Kimble (Photo by Marcus James)

This holiday season leaders with the Vicksburg Police Department are encouraging parents to ‘use common sense’ during this break. Students with the Vicksburg Warren School District are expected to be on winter break for two weeks.

While students are enjoying a break from school, it is easy for them to fall into things that could potentially lead down a road of destruction.  Police say there are some small steps the community can take to ensure that everyone enjoys a safe and happy holiday.

Deputy Chief of Homicide and Gang Prevention Troy Kimble

“The first step with this is knowing where your children are and what they’re doing,” Deputy Chief Troy Kimble said. With parents having to still work, having a responsible person to watch their children could help prevent them from getting hurt or even in trouble.

“Another thing parents can do is make sure those things that can be hazardous to them, like knives and guns, are not in reach,” Kimble says. The deputy chief also mentioned for those who have firearms, the Vicksburg Police Department offers fire arm safety locks for free, which are available to pick up at 820 Veto Street.

Kimble says he understands that people have to earn a living, however, “We as adults have to make sure our children are safe in that process.”

This is a great opportunity to allow ‘the village’ to help during this time of year. Kimble encourages parents to band together with their neighbors, relatives and other parents to create a support network that ensures youngsters are continually supervised. Leaving kids at home alone thinking an older sibling can be mature to handle a younger sibling could be a potential problem if not thought out all the way.  “A lot can happen in short amount of time,” he went on to say.

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