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Dillion Mabe comes home



Dillion at home with the kids
Dillion Mabe with Jace and Sienna.

Dillion Mabe was almost killed in a rollover accident on I-20 near Bovina on December 5, 2021. On Thursday, Feb. 3, 2022, he came home.

He was ejected from his vehicle, flew over 100 feet in the air and the entire upper right side of his body was broken. He has massive brain damage and numerous other breaks and bleeds.

Just a few weeks prior to the accident he had landed a good job making good money and that’s changed the future for his young family.

The family wanted to show this photo of Dillion in his hospital bed.

The Vicksburg Daily News has reported the story from the beginning, the initial assessment, an update a few days later when the situation was grave, an update on him miraculously beating the odds and how it was nothing short of a miracle that he survived.

“God is good,” said fiance and caretaker Chloe Pampanelli in a post on social media.

Fiance Pampanelli, in a message to the Vicksburg Daily News, said, “It’s been almost 2 months, Saturday would have made 2 months in the hospital. He’s definitely a miracle! He is walking and talking. He isn’t going to have surgery on his collarbone, it’s healed stronger than it would if they were to rebreak it. He can still move his arm the way it’s supposed to move.” Pampanelli continues, “They’ve sent him home with 4 prescriptions and some medical supplies, which I’m going to have to buy more of. He has transcortical sensory aphasia. He understands what you’re saying, but when he speaks, his words don’t match what he’s trying to say. He says half words, jumble and correct words or incorrect words. He still has bedsore and a boil and we have to make sure it doesn’t turn into staph.”

Dillon Mabe and Chloe Pampanelli the day they got engaged. Photo used with permission

Pampanelli concludes, “Tell everyone I said thank you so much for prayers and donations. He will also be going to about 9 Drs appointments in 2 weeks because he has 2 weeks of financial assistance from UMMC and then that’s over. His brother will be taking him because I am working trying to keep up. His brother has stopped his life for our family and I can’t explain how much that means.”

Pampanelli has been working full-time for the past couple of weeks to try and keep the bills caught up. If you can help a fundraiser has been set up.

The family has no insurance and disability was denied for Dillion. “I am working but I just make enough to cover the bills. Thank God for his brother. He has paid out of pocket for his medication today; 4 different ones. ”

Jace, Chloe, Sienna and Dillon. Photo used with permission.

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