‘Down here in the South, we love one another’


When the call for help came from Alabama Fire Services in Fairhope for assistance in the wake of Hurricane Sally, Jerry “Fire Boss” Briggs, Shane Garrard and Mitch Lane along with all the Warren County firefighters and emergency management responders leapt into action.

The community brought donations of food, fuel and supplies to Fisher Ferry Fire Station to help support all those without power in Alabama.

Warren County District 5 Supervisor Kelle Barfield chipped in and dropped off some supplies.

“Emergency preparedness is all about respecting the authorities, being prepared for the worst, hoping for the best, and when it’s all passed through, we pull together as a community,” she told Vicksburg Daily News. “Down here in the South we love one another, we take care of one another, and we just pick each other back up.”

Jerry Briggs, Shane Garrard and Reed Birdsong will be traveling to southern Alabama to deliver the supplies.