Driver runs vehicle off the interstate into the median


A truck driver ran a vehicle off of I-20 East into the median.

Photo by Tessa Elizabeth Scandizzo

Around 8 p.m., Friday, Joshua Owens was driving eastbound in his work van. He was headed towards the Clay Street exit when a truck driver was riding his tail-end. The truck’s lights were flashing, urging Owens to increase his speed. Owens stated, “he was driving aggressively behind me and kept speeding up.” The driver continued to press Owens before pulling a swoop-and-squat. A swoop-and-squat involves one vehicle pulling in front of another vehicle and hitting the breaks, often used in cases of insurance fraud. The truck driver whipped around Owens and hit the breaks, forcing Owens over the fence on the left and into the median.

Photo by Tessa Elizabeth Scandizzo

Tools and a ladder from the truck were dispersed over roughly a four vehicle span. Officer Joseph Stubbs and Officer Brent Ferrell were on the scene assessing the situation. Traffic was backed up heading towards Indiana Avenue on I-20 West as a result.

Paramedics confirmed that there were no injuries.