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Drivers Report "Horrible" Conditions




If the readers ask, let them know that “yes” they need to stay off the roads…  or at least know what they are up against if they MUST go out. The slush in downtown made me fishtail going up a hill just an hour ago.  There is a nice amount of accumulation of this mix on the road and it will definitely worsen as the evening progresses. Tommy and I had coffee with “Big Rick” Standish and Don Walley at the Waffle House on Clay Street and the main topic of conversation was about the weather system we were watching move in.  Standish, who used to operate Standish Repossessions, said that he’s glad he only had to drive home this evening. Walley, who drives occasionally for West Coast Lumber, said that he worries about “those people who will travel way too fast in this stuff and / or will be reading or doing something else that could get them and lots of other people hurt.” Johnson promises he’ll be getting us some new photos to post; photos that he was able to take on his very slow ride home from his job at International Paper in Redwood. Above all else, please remember, Sheriff Pace warned everyone this morning. “Stay off the roads, if at all possible.  If you must go out, please drive safely and make sure that you increase your following distance and give yourself lots more stopping room.]]]]> ]]>

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