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Dukes family to open a shop downtown



dukes open shop
The entrance to the building at 1211 Washington Street. Photo by David Day

The Dukes family has purchased the building at 1211 Washington Street and plans to open a shop there.

They are still working on the type of shop they want to open but they want it to be a gathering place. “We’re hoping to make it an interactive thing,” started Emory Dukes who will head up the effort along with her mother, Dana. “She has a kiln, she does some pottery things,” said Dana. “So we can have like, paint your own pottery, the canvas thing is a big deal,” referring to a girl’s or couple’s date night activity that has become very popular nationwide.

dukes open shop

Dana Dukes points out a feature of the building they purchased. Photo by David Day

“I’m going to have a little flower bar where people can get arrangements,” explained Emory. She also mentioned adding in an Iccee machine. “There are some really cool flavors.”

“These are popping up all over the place, DIY places. So, we don’t know what to call it cause everybody calls it something different. A hobby store, an art studio, make your own whatever,” explained mom Dana. Emory chimed in, “I want to call it an art studio.”

“But, it’s for children,” started Dana when Emory interjected, “She has 12 grandchildren.” Dana went on, “So, that’s what we want to do, a lot of children’s things. And now, it’s like, girl’s night out is a big deal. That kind of fun thing. We will be watching and catching onto the latest great thing. Whatever is going on in the world.”

dukes open shop

The building is at 1211 Washington Street. Photo by David Day

“She is the young end, I’m the old end,” chuckled Dana.

There is no date set for when the shop will open but they hope to have it ready by summer.



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