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Entergy may have overcharged customers over the last eight years



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Three regional regulators have filed a federal complaint against Entergy seeking rebates to consumers that could total in excess of $1.1 billion if ordered.

The Arkansas Public Service Commission, the Louisiana Public Service Commission and the City of New Orleans have filed a complaint with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The basis for the complaint centers around the Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Station and its ongoing problems.

The complaint alleges that Entergy charged consumers over an eight-year period for a plant that frequently malfunctioned and caused the utility to purchase power from other sources. These costs were passed onto their clients.

Regulators argue in the complaint that Entergy spent 800 million to make upgrades to the facility, while the plant’s safety records and performance hasn’t improved. The utility also passed along $361 million in costs when the plant was offline for various reasons.

If FERC sides with the regulators, consumers could see a huge rebate or credit on their bills.

VDN has made numerous attempts to contact the Mississippi Public Service Commission for comment. As of this writing our calls have gone unreturned.

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