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Erosion on Campbell Swamp Road



Erosion on Campbell Swamp Road (Photo by Leon Pantenburg, used with permission).

Leon Pantenburg has given us permission to use his photo of erosion on Campbell Swamp Road south of Vicksburg.

The record rainfall has caused soil erosion issues throughout the county. Several roads have been closed due to sloughing and soil loss. Here is a partial list from Warren County Emergency Management of closed roads due to soil loss or flooding:

  • Redwood Road between the 1515 and 1950 block
  • Freetown Road at 2944 block
  • Ziegler Road
  • Laney Camp Road
  • Warriors Trail at the Big Black
  • Summer Seat Road.
  • Chickasaw Road.
  • Long Lake Road
  • West Deer Creek
  • East Deer Creek
  • Thompson Lake Road
  • U.S. Highway 80 1600 block
  • Canal Road
  • Old Twin Lake Road
  • Boy Scout Road, gravel side north end
  • MS Highway 465 from U.S. Highway 61 North to the Eagle Lake Gin
  • Union Avenue
  • Field Road
  • North Frontage Road between Washington Street and Confederate Avenue/Iowa Avenue

If you see erosion close to a roadway please call Warren County Emergency Management at 601-631-8800. If you feel it is an emergency and an immediate danger to the public, call 911.

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