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Facing the Primaries: District 55 candidate responses to our questions (Stevens)



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The Aug. 8 primaries are quickly approaching. At that time, voters will make their voices heard and select the candidate they want to represent them. In light of the upcoming election cycle, Vicksburg Daily News has reached out to the candidates on the Warren County ballot and posed a series of questions on behalf of our readers.

We reached out to each of the candidates running for District 55, Oscar Denton and Kimberly Stevens.

Questions were asked

  • What are your top three policy priorities if elected to the House of Representatives and how do you plan to address those issues and work towards enacting legislation to benefit the constituents?
  • Are there any specific industries or initiatives you plan to support to boost businesses and employment opportunities?
  • What measures do you propose to improve healthcare affordability, accessibility, and quality within your district?
  • What are your plans to improve and maintain infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, public transit, and broadband internet access?
  • How do you plan to stay connected with the residents of our district, seek their input, and ensure that their voices are heard in the decision-making process at the federal level? 

Answers were given

My name is Kimberly Stevens. I am the daughter of Coach Alonzo and Linda Stevens. I am the mother of two. I serve as the Project Director for MS Tobacco Free of Warren and Claiborne Counties. I am also Executive director of God’s Appointed People Ministry. I have a minor in Business Management, a Bachelor’s in Social Service from Belhaven College and I am currently enrolled at Alcorn State University where I am pursuing a Masters Degree in Workforce Leadership Education. I am a member of Tyner Ford Post 213 Auxiliary, NAACP and Hazel Lowell Noble Rose Chapter 42. I am running for House of Representative District 55 because I would like to see a positive change in our community.

  • My top three policy priorities when elected to the House of Representative are : Securing a Safer Community Positioned for Economic Growth, Medicaid Expansion (Strengthen Medical Services) and Voters Rights.
    • To secure a safer community for economic growth, I will develop forums to address community safety, economic growth attracting businesses and better paying jobs. When elected I will speak with government officials to address the problems that are specific to district 55 and that have broader application throughout the state of Mississippi.
    • I have listened to the voters of this district and their concerns are that our hospitals are losing specialty area doctors and much needed services. We are also having to furlow speciality services such as maternity and childbirth due to not having adequate medical staff. The people of Warren County and the state of Mississippi deserve to have top medical care. I want to have bi partisan solutions to combat our current legislation crisis. Which means, I am willing to work together with all of our legislators to ensure that we get excellent medical care.
    • I have read and dissected HB 1020. I will work to ensure that the constituents do not lose their constitutional rights. This will be done by working with other legislators. Other goals and objectives will be considered after the verdict of the MS Supreme Court is handed down.
  • Yes. I will support local and state businesses.I will focus on building stronger small businesses while meeting the needs of the larger chains to encourage them to remain in the state. Our economy needs both sectors. I support a strong economy. As a state representative, I represent all people. In conclusion, Forbes magazine stated, “That there is great civic improvement when new local small businesses are able to open, both for the entrepreneurs themselves and the surrounding community.” And I want district 55 to be great.
  • As a newly elected representative, I pledge to work diligently to improve healthcare affordability,
    accessibility, and quality within our district. This will be done by reviewing the current programs available to our citizens and talking with other house of representatives, as well as looking at national policies. After thoroughly gathering information, I will work to create goals and plans that will improve healthcare affordability and accessibility that will benefit all Mississippians.
  • When elected, I will review these current systems and speak with the directors and other legislators pertaining to the improvements that may be needed and direct resources to include finances and or manpower needed to correct any deficiencies. I understand that some of the leaders and directors of these systems are up for election. Once they are in place, we will work together to tackle these issues. I would like to inform the public on how these systems work and what they can do to access services. I will also bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table.
  • I am so excited. That has been a part of my platform to give the people their voice back. I will hold quarterly town hall meetings. I will be informative through all active social media platforms as well as extend it further to include newsletters and or psas to local media outlets. I will remain visible in the community. I am accountable to the people of Warren County therefore I want them to know who I am and who to ask when they have questions about the district. Being a house of representative requires WORK FOR THE PEOPLE and that is what I intend to do.
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