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Fall river adventures in Vicksburg



(credit: Visit Vicksburg)

by Cheyenne Taylor

Vicksburg owes its rich history to the Mississippi River, whose course has flexed and fed local ways of life for thousands of years. Like everything in Vicksburg, the water is a living history, one that visitors are encouraged to engage with and enjoy up-close and personal. A day in Vicksburg—especially a day on the water—is an authentic adventure, unique to every person who comes through.

And while we may tend to think of water as a summertime treat, fall is an incredible time to get on the water in Vicksburg. The changing colors make a stunning backdrop for other seasonal changes—flocks of migrating birds, deliciously cooler temperatures, and record-setting fishing opportunities. Amateur or aficionado, the Mighty Mississippi is waiting for you.

Canoeing and Kayaking the Mississippi

Downtown Vicksburg’s rolling bluff draws visitors to the Yazoo River as it marches toward the wild Mississippi. Both seasoned adventurers and newbies hearing the water’s call for the first time can count on Quapaw Canoe Company to get them there.

Their expert local river guide Layne Logue knows all the oxbows, river chutes, back channels, and sandbars the river encompasses, and that means the best views, wildlife encounters, and birding you could hope to find in the Lower Mississippi region. Logue has dedicated his life to supporting the Mississippi River and helping others experience the magic and vitality of the river, too.

Quapaw Canoe Company is all about the people—whatever kind of trip you’re looking for, they can provide it. You can choose from several set day trips ranging from 2 to 8 hours, set up camp on a scenic sandbar for an overnight trip, or even customize your own multi-day excursion. Just come to the boat ramp like you would come to the beach—with clothes you don’t mind getting wet, a towel, a hat, and some sunscreen—and your expert guide will furnish all the rest. This, of course, includes delicious snacks and meals for longer trips!

All ages and experience levels are invited to paddle the wild and wonderous Mississippi here, and fall is the perfect time to do it. As seasons change, migratory birds set the endless forests along the riverbanks alive with activity and song. Paddlers have also spotted white-tailed deer, alligators, bald eagles, and much more.

Fishing Like a Local

Anglers know that the Mississippi can be a fickle and unpredictable creature, much like the blue catfish that inhabit its waters. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. Bob Crosby of the Blue Cat Guide Service knows these waters like the back of his hand, and he’s more than happy to share his knowledge—and the opportunity for a trophy catch—with visiting enthusiasts.

Autumn and winter are especially fruitful seasons for fishing big blues, as the water becomes colder and the fish begin to feed for the spawn, congregating in deep holes, channels, and drop-offs. On your own, you might spend a whole day in one spot searching for one of these gathering places, but with Blue Cat Guide Service, you’ve got years of expert knowledge on your side. And Crosby isn’t shy about hunting down the best areas—there are never any guarantees in fishing, but he’s going to give you the best chance to snag a monster cat.

Blue Cat Guide Service furnishes tackle, bait, life jackets, and, of course, the boat. All you need to bring is a fishing license (easily purchased at any sporting goods store) and any food and drinks you want to enjoy along the way. Think you can beat the 95-pounder state record? Time to give it a try!

Water You Waiting For?

It’s prime season for sightseeing, sportfishing, and good old-fashioned adventure in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Get in on the action at, and check out our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages to see what’s in store for you!

Read about upcoming events, pieces of Vicksburg history and insider tips on the Visit Vicksburg blog.

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