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Family of injured football player speaks out



Tyler Covington in 2018
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The family of the young man injured in last night’s football game in Hinds County has reached out to the Vicksburg Daily News with information on his condition.

Tyler Covington, who plays on the Sharkey-Issaquena Academy Football team, was injured during the first quarter of the game and was air lifted by helicopter to University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson for his injuries.

Renee Goss, Covington’s mother, says her son is recovering.

Tyler Covington

In a message to the Vicksburg Daily News, Goss wrote, “We still have not had MRI yet. However, Tyler has feeling in all extremities now … he had no feeling in his arms or legs for 30-35 minutes after he hit the ground. Right leg was numb for a few hours but ok now. He has been asleep since 3 a.m.”

She goes on to say that “Tyler still has severe pain in mid back so they won’t do anything more until (the MRI) is done. He still has c-collar in place.”

Tyler’s mother also said the “Neurosurgeon said Neuropraxia… he will see us again after MRI is done.”

According to, “Neurapraxia is a relatively mild type of nerve injury, and it’s fairly common. It’s often the result of trauma to the body, such as a hard blow to the neck, shoulders, or back.

“Football players are at an especially high risk for neurapraxia injuries, sometimes called stingers, during violent collisions. These injuries can occur in other sports, too, or as the result of a fall, car accident or some other trauma to the body.

“It usually feels like a stinging or burning sensation. Depending on which nerve is affected, there is weakness as well. These symptoms may last minutes to a few days or months, depending on which nerves are affected and the severity of the injury. A full recovery from neurapraxia can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on the severity of the injury.”

Tyler Covington, #21 for SIA

“Thank you all for praying for Us!” Renee Goss wrote. “We serve an awesome God!”


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