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Favre to testify under oath in welfare scandal case



Brett Favre
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Retired NFL star Brett Favre is set to provide sworn testimony regarding the alleged misuse of federal welfare funds in Mississippi, according to a report by the Associated Press. Favre’s deposition, scheduled for Oct. 26 in a Hattiesburg hotel, pertains to claims that welfare money, intended to aid some of Mississippi’s most economically challenged residents, was redirected to support specific ventures endorsed by Favre and other influential individuals.

Favre, a member of the NFL Hall of Fame, is listed as one of numerous defendants in a lawsuit led by the current director of Mississippi’s Department of Human Services, seeking to recoup portions of the allegedly misappropriated welfare money. While Favre has rebuffed any allegations of misconduct, repudiated claims made by the state auditor investigating the matter, and reportedly reimbursed the misused funds, he remains embroiled in the case.

Despite Mississippi’s consistent ranking as one of America’s poorest states, a mere portion of its welfare grants has been allocated directly to families in need. Reports indicate that from 2016 to 2019, approximately $77 million of federal welfare funds were mismanaged. The state auditor’s investigation unveiled that around $5 million was directed towards a volleyball facility at the University of Southern Mississippi, Favre’s alma mater, where his daughter was a volleyball player. Additionally, roughly $1.7 million was reportedly funneled into a concussion treatment medication project, which Favre endorsed.

So far, Favre hasn’t faced any criminal charges in relation to the scandal. However, several individuals, including a prior department director, have admitted guilt in their involvement in the misappropriation of funds. Favre’s attempts to be excused from the civil lawsuit at both the county and state levels have been unsuccessful.

While Favre’s forthcoming deposition will be captured on video and transcribed by a court reporter, the content will remain confidential for a minimum of 30 days post-deposition, as mandated by a court-approved confidentiality order.

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