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Fight at Board of Supervisors building



board of supervisors
(photo by David Day)

Long-time staff at the Warren County Board of Supervisors were surprised this morning by a couple who brought their argument into the lobby of their building.

A wild-eyed young man came running into the building around 11:30 a.m., shouting, “Call 911. Call 911. She’s after me!” recounted receptionist Katie Martin.

Martin quickly made the call, but shortly thereafter, a woman followed the man into the building.

As she waved his picture at the staff, she shouted, “Where is he?”

The young man had ducked into a nearby restroom, and the woman followed him in. Their fight spilled into the reception area, and hair-pulling (or weave-pulling) was apparently involved.

As the couple tangled,  county Fire Coordinator Jerry Briggs arrived first on the scene followed closely by a breathless John Elfer, director of Warren County Emergency Management office, and they quickly separated the couple. Their offices are just moments away at the county courthouse.

Soon, both the Warren County Sheriff’s Office and the Vicksburg Police Department also responded, and Vicksburg officers took the couple into custody.

It’s unclear whether any charges will be filed in the incident.

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