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Film project in Natchez area seeks to fill roles



(Image by David Condrey from Pixabay)

A project called Jones Plantation, directed by Andrew Treglia is seeking to fill 16 roles for an upcoming film project in the Natchez and surrounding area.

Lead roles will pay $200-$250 a day. Supporting roles range from $100-$200 a day. Those interested must submit, or have an agent submit, an actors access pitch link to Callbacks may start as early as August 26.

Below are a list of characters being casted:

    • Mr. Smith – Black man, at least in his 50’s
      The villain, and the main character of the movie, Smith is a brilliant sociopath, a true genius, who specializes in deception and mind control, skills he uses to help slave owners completely subjugate their slaves, mentally and physically, using all manner of schemes and manipulations. Smith has two very different personas: one when he’s talking behind closed doors to Jones, and the other when he is talking to the “workers” (slaves). And Mr. Smith is such a good actor that when he talks to the “workers” he comes across as completely concerned and genuine. No one else on the plantation comes close to matching Mr. Smith’s intellect. He views, and treats, everyone else as pawns in a game—a game that he (Smith) is the master of.
    • Mr. Jones – White plantation owner, 50’s or 60’s – ALREADY CAST
      Jones is a grouchy, bitter, alcoholic slave plantation owner, who always managed his slave the “old school” way, by brute force, and is a bit slow in understanding Smith’s more “creative” methods. He’s distrustful of Smith, resentful of his own wife, but desperate to save his slowly failing plantation. He quickly realizes that Smith is smarter than he is, and is insecure and annoyed about it. Jones doesn’t really trust or respect anyone very much.
    • Mr. Johnson – Jones’ cousin, also 50’s or 60’s
      Mr. Jones’ cousin, Mr. Johnson is brought to Jones’ plantation to give the slaves the appearance of having a choice. Johnson is more intelligent, stable, and even-tempered than Jones. Gruff, but has a sense of humor. He is fascinated and curious about what Smith does, but still has a soul, and near the end is a little disturbed when he realizes what Smith is and what’s going on (but doesn’t do anything to stop it).
    • Samuel – Slave, 20ish
      The main “hero,” Samuel is a young slave who realizes that something is wrong, and yearns for freedom, for himself, his two young sisters, and all the other slaves. Samuel is smart, but (obviously) uneducated. He’s a bit of a “gentle soul,” and cares about his sisters more than anything. He remains suspicious of Smith’s tricks, and even though he is extremely intimidated and scared, still has the courage to stand up and speak out, even though he is nervous and unsure of himself when he does.
    • Mrs. Jones – Jones’ wife, 40’s or 50’s
      Grouchy, bitter wife of Jones, who is less than amused by most of what is going on, most of the time. She doesn’t trust her own husband, but trusts everyone else even less.
    • Noah – Slave, 20’s or 30’s
      Samuel’s best ally, Noah also yearns for freedom, and even runs against Jones and Johnson in the “election.” But he’s still easily scared and intimidated, and isn’t quite to the “live free or die” mentality.
    • Isaac – Slave, 40’s
      Isaac is an older, more obedient slave, who tries to avoid trouble and is annoyed by Samuel being so uppity.
    • Martha – Slave, 30’s
      Kind but well-trained, Martha acts as a sort of surrogate mother for Samuel’s little sister. She’s kind and caring, but very much in the “don’t make waves” mindset.
    • Thomas – Slave, 30’s
      Quiet, selfish and shifty, Thomas is quickly convinced to act as a spy for Mr. Smith. Tries to blend in, but the others don’t necessarily trust him.
    • Sarah – Samuel’s little sister, 9-15
      Sarah manages to be a pretty little ray of sunshine on the otherwise depressing plantation. Very alert and intelligent, and even mostly “at peace” on the plantation.
    • Charles – Slave, 20’s
      Mostly a compliant slave, Charles gets punished for “stealing” from the plantation.
    • James – Slave, 20’s
      At the start of the movie, James is whipped by the vindictive overseer, Jared.
    • Scout and Slug are young, strong slaves who are chosen to be part of the “management team” after Mr. Smith is running things. 20’s -40’s
    • Abraham – Neighboring plantation owner, 50’s or 60’s Abraham is a nasty and sadistic.

A few other roles will be cast and shot after principal photography.

    • Morgan – White, 50’s or 60’s
      Seen only in flashback, Morgan is Mr. Smith’s old master—a bitter, gruff, ruthless genius, who has accumulated much wealth and power through his conniving manipulations.
    • Morgan’s rival (white, 50’s) and his wife (white, 40’s) are seen briefly in a flashback.


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