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Find the horse of your dreams at the Safe Horse Auction and Equine Fair



Photo from the Mississippi Horse Rescue Facebook page.
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If owning a horse or pony is in your future, the upcoming Safe Horse Auction and Equine Fair could be the perfect place to look.

“The number one reason that new horse owners give up their dream of horse ownership is they get the wrong horse for their lifestyle and skill level,” said Mississippi Agriculture Commissioner Andy Gipson in a statement. Gipson is also the honorary chairman of the 2019 Safe Horse Auction and Equine Fair. “The Safe Horse Auction provides buyers the information and support necessary to make the right horse choice to make their dream a reality.”

One of the horses offered at the Safe Horse Auction, Sept. 21.

The Safe Horse Project hosts The Safe Horse Auction on Saturday, Sept. 21, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Kirk Fordice Equine Center, 1198 Mississippi St., in Jackson. The event is described as an honest and open venue that matches buyers, sellers and horses. It will give those looking for a horse the opportunity to meet the owners and trainers of more than 50 pre-screened and pre-vetted horses, enabling them to find the right horse for their needs and skill level. Sellers provide full disclosure of health history and the physical abilities of the horses, and equine professionals are on-site to assist with evaluating the animals for a small fee before bidding.

The accompanying Equine Fair will provide information and goods for new and experienced horse owners. The fair includes a varied line-up of seminars given by expert trainers and equine pros. Trainers will demonstrate horse behavior and training skills. Equine health and nutrition professionals will share best practices for the care and feeding of horses. Agricultural officials will teach pasture management and the necessary skills for keeping horses. Saddle and tack experts will be on hand, and the fair will also feature information and promotional displays for equine related goods and services.

The Traumatic Brain Injury/Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury Trust Fund, a program of the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services, will be giving away safety helmets.

Mississippi Horse Rescue will also hold a silent auction to raise funds to support horses in need of being rescued and re-trained. In 2018, horse owners and welfare organizations were able to place 38 horses into good homes during the Safe Horse Auction weekend, with many more being placed afterward as a result of the event.

“We hope that, with the horse community’s continued support, more people will be encouraged to become involved in equestrian pursuits and horse ownership.” Gipson said. “As a horse owner myself, there is so much to know and learn about caring for and safely handling [horses]. I know firsthand what an impact horses can have in raising balanced, responsible children while providing wholesome activities for the entire family. The Safe Horse Auction and Equine Fair is an emerging model for promoting horse ownership and long-lasting involvement with horses.”

Horse buyers and sellers can register for The Safe Horse Auction and Equine Fair and view horses that will be available during the event on The Safe Horse Project website. The Safe Horse Project is a coalition of equine professionals, businesses and equine welfare organizations, coordinated by Mississippi Horse Rescue, Inc., and dedicated to providing programs and events to promote responsible horse ownership and encourage growth and participation in the equine industry.

Mississippi Horse Rescue, Inc. is a nonprofit that protects horses from neglect and abandonment, helps others who can no longer care for their animals to find humane and loving solutions, promotes responsible horse ownership through education and support programs, and seeks to create more involvement in the horse industry by encouraging new horse ownership and activities. To find out more, and to volunteer or donate, visit the Mississippi Horse Rescue website or the organization’s Facebook page.


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