Fire Department dispatched to apartments on Drummond

Fire Department dispatched to apartments on Drummond


Smoke is showing at River Oak Apartments on Drummond.

At 10:09 a.m. units were dispatched to the apartments where one resident saw smoke in their apartment.

The first unit on the scene, Engine 6, reported that nothing was showing. The first unit to arrive to a fire call always reports what they see. Battallion 1 and Engine 7 arrived within seconds of Engine 6. Fire Medic 40 arrived within the next few seconds.

Battallion 1 is akin to a shift supervisor and they are usually in charge of a fire scene when they arrive.

A fireman inside the structure reported the sprinkler was going off in an apartment but they didn’t see a fire.

Rescue arrived on the scene next. Rescue is a specially equipped unit with highly trained first responders. They are experts at rescuing people from vehicles and structures.

A call came from inside the apartments that nothing was on fire. They reported that a resident was cooking and set off the alarm.

If you are in a structure and smell or see smoke,  call 911. Every firefighter would rather show up to find no fire than to have to recover you from a fire.

If you see something, say something.