Firefighters rescue family’s dog from Warren County house fire


Warren County firefighters responded to a house fire Thursday around 4:20 p.m. at Eagle Lake.

Homeowner David Thrash, his family and their dog Laney made it safely out of the home, located at 16829 U.S. Highway 465, although their terrier Doodles was temporarily left behind.

The house was engulfed in flames,with Doodles nowhere to be found (photo by Thomas Parker).

County Fire Coordinator Jerry Briggs and 911 Director Shane Garrard rescued Doodles from the house, getting down on their hands and knees in the living room to chase down the panicked pup.

Briggs, Garrard and Amy Libby, wife of Fire Chief Chris Libby, work to make sure Doodles is OK. (Photo by Thomas Parker)

Thrash was glad to see Doodles made it out. His eyes had tears in them when he realized his beloved fur baby was OK.

David Thrash and Laney reunited with Doodles, safe from the fire. (photo by Thomas Parker).

The cause of the fire is not known at this time; however, Thrash believes he may have left a burner on in the kitchen.

Nick Comfort (332), Hunter Ivey (251), Lamar Frederick (210), McKinley Skipper (513), Cedric Martin (249), Shane Garrard (111), Jerry Briggs (110), Chris Libby (710), Bill Parker (711), LW “Bump” Callaway (725), Amy Libby (736), Charles Greer (729), as well as Paul Banchetti and Will Hubert from the Eagle Lake Water District were on scene rendering assistance to save the home.