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Flaggs announces plan to crack down on gunfire in city



Mayor George Flaggs
(Credit: City of Vicksburg)

Speaking at the Vicksburg Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting on Friday, Mayor Flaggs detailed his plan to deploy police cars to neighborhoods based on 911 calls involving gunshots. The Mayor believes this strategy will enable the police to respond quickly to incidents of gunfire and deter individuals from firing weapons in residential areas.

His announcement came in the wake of a recent shooting incident that occurred on Martha Street, which resulted in one man being wounded and multiple homes and vehicles being damaged.

Thursday evening, multiple 911 calls were made reporting the sound of gunshots in the vicinity. Neighbors told the Vicksburg Daily News that they heard two separate bursts of gunfire, each with a different sound that suggested two distinct types of firearms. An AR-15 was mentioned in one of the radio reports, and a social media user claimed to have heard approximately 50 shots.

Eyewitnesses and nearby residents reported that a group of individuals fired shots at someone who was driving a black sedan. After being shot at, the black sedan drove a short distance and parked in the lot behind First Baptist Church at the intersection of Vick and Harrison. Upon arrival, the vehicle was discovered to have multiple bullet holes. Blood was also discovered at the scene but the individual was not located.

Upon receiving the call, police units were in close proximity to the site of the shooting and were able to reach the location quickly. According to radio traffic, a significant number of individuals fled the scene in various directions. Several Vicksburg Police Department units promptly arrived at the site and helped in detaining individuals who were attempting to flee.

The Mayor expressed his frustration with the ongoing issue and believes the new strategy will help to address the problem.

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