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Flaggs says he will recommend curfew if disruptions continue



fight at mall

Mayor George Flaggs, Jr. expressed his resolve to implement a city-wide curfew for those under 18 if the disruptions in the community do not get under control.

During Monday’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, Flaggs addressed crime and congregation after hours which has become an issue for the city. Flaggs began the meeting by addressing the youth, directly.

“Young people,” Flaggs began. “If you are going to walk the streets and you’re going to terrorize our neighborhoods, I’m going to slap a recommendation of a curfew in this city for 11 p.m.”

The mayor referenced the issue the city has been having with its youth, especially when it comes to violence.

“We’ve already, thanks to Chief Jones and others, had to implement a rule at the mall because they (the youth) don’t know how to behave themselves. Parents are just dropping them off at the mall, unsupervised, and they are terrorizing the mall,” said Flaggs.

The response from Vicksburg Police Department came after three individuals were arrested outside of the mall in early June. A video of the violence was obtained which shows the issue Mayor Flaggs was referencing.

[Editor’s note: The below video is age restricted and shows violence. Viewer discretion advised.]

Vicksburg police were posted at the mall on Friday, June 10, to ensure the public was informed of the rule and the consequences for breaking it.

Those under the age of 18 are now subject to being taken to the police department where they can be safely held until a parent or guardian can pick them up. A fine may also be given to the parents in the amount of $672.25 per child.

“Parents are just dropping them off at the mall, unsupervised and they’re terrorizing the mall,” said Flaggs. “So if [they are] under the age of 18 and you drop them at the mall, we’re going to take them where you can come get them.”

Flaggs went on to state that if parents do not pick up their children, then state law allows for them to be placed in detention for up to 48-hours.

“We’re going to put them up where they are safe at because they are not safe in the mall,” added Flaggs. “We’re going to slap a curfew at 11 p.m., seven days a week, if you can’t keep your children supervised.”

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