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Flaggs to recommend 60-day curfew for minors



mayor george flaggs
Mayor George Flaggs, Jr. (credit: City of Vicksburg)

As a crime preventative measure, Mayor George Flaggs, Jr. will recommend the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to adopt a 60-day curfew for minors 17 and under in the City of Vicksburg.

Minors 17 and under, who are unmarried and not emancipated, shall not be on any public street, highway, park, vacant lot, establishment, or other public place within the City from 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. beginning June 24. There are exceptions to this mandate.

This curfew results from the increasing violence and criminal activity inside city limits committed by and against minors in the City of Vicksburg. Mayor Flaggs fully believes that protecting minors, especially during the summer when school is out, is a responsibility of all. The curfew protects children and is in the best interests of public health, safety, and welfare.

Mayor Flaggs states, “There is no reason for minor children to be out in the City, unaccompanied by a parent, after 11 p.m. This curfew is also a result of a lack of parental responsibility. I hope that this curfew will curtail that moving forward.”

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