Flood Fight Moves to Valley Park

Flood Fight Moves to Valley Park


The much-publicized fight to save Eagle Lake has overshadowed the other areas of the South Delta that are underwater.  Currently, over 540,000 total acres are flooded.  This includes almost 224,000 acres of farmland.  A lot of that farmland is near Valley Park, north of Eagle Lake on Highway 61.

This landmark church in Valley Park just off Highway 61.

They also have been fighting the fight to save their land and way of life.  Today three houses in Valley Park are in danger of taking on water according to sources in the area.

Sandbagging efforts are going full steam at the Valley Park Elevator.  This well-known landmark on the Blues Highway is ground zero for the local residents who are working to save their farms and homes from the increasing water levels.

The flood has been on the ground for 92 days now.  That makes this the longest lasting flood since the Great Flood of 1927 and the worst to hit the Backwater since the 1973 flood.

Residents are pleading for help to bag sand and place sandbags.