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UPDATE 10:55 – our last update tonight

Look for a runoff between Reeves and Waller next month. With 74% reporting, the numbers haven’t budged for any of the candidates in a while. Reeves seems stuck at 48%. With Foster trailing badly at 18%, Reeves will face Waller, who’s coming in at 34%.

We’ll update all the races tomorrow. For now, we’re signing off.


UPDATE 10:35

We’re calling it for McRae in the GOP Treasurer’s race. He’ll face Democrat Addie Lee Green, who did not have a challenger, in November.


UPDATE 10:28

The GOP race for Attorney General look like there will be a runoff, but the second place candidates are neck and neck. With 65% reporting, Fitch leads the pack with 43%, Taggart is at 29%, and Baker trails with 28%.

The GOP race for Secretary of State is still too close to call. Watson leads Britton with 54%.

In the Treasurer’s race, it’s looking like McRae may pull it out. He has 62%, giving him a large lead over Clarke.


UPDATE 10:18


Jackson wins the primary over Selmon in for District 3 Supervisor by a razor thin 11 votes in unofficial totals. That means a runoff will be held August 27 to determine the winner.


UPDATE 10:05 p.m.

The governor’s race for Republicans is still too close to call, but Reeves seems to be losing ground. With 55% reporting, he’s still in the lead with 48%. Waller, who’s been in second place all night, is at 34%, and Foster has lost ground at 18%. A runoff seems ever more likely.



With 52% reporting, we’re calling the GOP race for Public Service Commissioner, Central, for Bailey.



With 44% reporting, we’re calling the Democratic Secretary of State race for Johnny DuPree.

The GOP race is still too close to call, with Watson leading Britton, 54% to 46%.



With 46% reporting, the race for Public Service Commissioner in the Central District, Bailey leads Lott with 75% of the GOP vote.

In the race for Transportation Commissioner in the Central District, King leads the Democrats with 55%. Lee leads the GOP with 65%.


UPDATE 9:27.

In the Secretary of State races, both are still too close to call with 36% of precincts reporting.

In the GOP race, Watson leads Britton, 55% to 45%

In the Democratic race, Depree has a commanding lead over Hunt with 73%.




In the District 3 Supervisors Race

Jackson leads Selmon by 9 votes with one precinct remaining.



We’re calling the Democratic race for governor for Hood, with 28% reporting.


25% of precincts have now reported.

Little has changed in the governor’s races. Reeves still leads in the GOP race with 46%. Waller is pulling ahead of Foster with 30%, and Foster trials with 24%.

Hood still leads the Democrats with 69%. Almost all other candidates have yet to break single digits other than Brown, who is still at 10%.



Statewide 19% reporting

Lynn Fitch leads the pack in the GOP race for Attorney General with 44%.

Mark Baker and Andy Taggart are several lengths back with 29% and 27%, respectively.

For the Democrats, Johnny DuPree leads with 73%. Hunt trails with 27%


UPDATE 8:55 p.m.

Delbert Hosemann is declared the winner in the GOP race for Lieutenant Governor, with 15% reporting. He has 87% of the vote.


UPDATE 8:50 p.m.

Statewide, with 13% reporting:

Reeves is leading in the Republican governor’s race with 46%.

Waller has 29%

Foster is nipping at Waller’s heels with 25%

In the Democratic race for governor, Hood has a commanding lead with 67%.

The next closest candidates are Smith and Brown, both with 10%.

UPDATE 8:40 p.m.

***Early Unofficial Election Results***

We are going to declare Herring defeats Jeffers in District 1 Supervisors race.

We are calling Crevitt defeats Carlisle in District 4 with one precinct remaining

Selmon leads Jackson in District 3 with two precincts remaining



District 2, Cedar Grove:















Elks Elks Lodge # 95, 1366 Highway 61 South
Office Democratic Ballot Count GOP ballot Count
Governor Michael Brown 14 Robert Foster 29
William Bond Compton Jr. 1 Tate Reeves 144
Jim Hood 161 Bill Waller, Jr. 106
Robert Jr. Ray 1
Robert Shuler Smith 14
Gregory Wash 0
Velesh P. Williams 16
Albert Wilson 0
Lieutenant Governor Jay Hughes 189 Delbert Hosemann 256
Shane Quick 18
Secretary of State Johnny DuPree 151 Sam Britton 127
Maryra Hodges Hunt 48 Michael Watson 141
Attorney General Jennifer Riley Collins 191 Mark Baker 59
Lynn Fitch 107
Andy Taggart 106
State Auditor Shad White 241
State Treasurer Addie Lee Green 192 Eugene S. ‘Buck’ Clarke 102
David McRae 170
Commissioner of Agriculture & Commerce Ricky L. Cole 192 Andy Gipson 255
Commissioner of Insurance Robert E. Amos 192 Mike Chaney 270
Public Service Commissioner Central District Dorothy ‘Dot’ Benford 60 Brent Bailey 169
Ryan Brown 17 Nic Lott 81
Bruce Burton 13
De’Keither A. Stamps 107
Transportation Commissioner Central District Willie L. Simmons 127 Butch Lee 92
Marcus L. Wallace 68 Ricky Pennington Jr. 159
District Attorney 09 Richard ‘Ricky’ Smith Jr. 193
State Senate 23 Briggs Hopson 270
State House of Rep 54 Kevin Ford
State House of Rep. 55 Oscar Denton 200
State House of Rep. 63 Deborah Butler Dixon
Stephanie McKenzie Foster
Machelle Shelby Kyles
State House of Rep 85 Jeffery Harness
Warren County Chancery Clerk Donna Farris Hardy 263
Warren County Circuit Clerk Jan Hyland Daigre 264
Warren County Prosecuting Attorney Ken Harper 195 Stephen Lee McMillin 242
Warren County Tax Collector Antonia Flaggs Jones 204 Ben Luckett 262
Supervisor District 1 Edward Herring
Bill Jeffers
Supervisor District 2 William H. Banks Jr.
Supervisor District 3 Shawn Jackson
Charles Selmon
James E. Stirgus Jr.
Supervisor District 4 John Carlisle 77
Martin ‘Marty Crevitt 199
Supervisor District 5 Kelle Banks Barfield
JCJ District Central Justice Court Judge James E. Jefferson Jr. 6 Edwin Woods Jr.
Warren County Sheriff Lee Kennedy 184