Former Porter’s Chapel football coach diagnosed with Covid-19

Former Porter’s Chapel football coach diagnosed with Covid-19


Former Porter’s Chapel Academy head football coach J.J Plummer has been diagnosed with Covid-19.

After experiencing chills and night sweats, Plummer was tested for the virus five days after his symptoms and eventually diagnosed. Plummer is receiving treatment at St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson.

Since receiving treatment, Plummer is feeling better than before but admits that he is still very ill.

“It feels like a slow death, and it is absolutely the worst thing I have ever gone through in my life,” Plummer told the Clarion Ledger.

Plummer is now the head coach of Richland High School where he recently finished his first season. His entire team reached out to him since he’s been diagnosed and he has had a great support system since he felt ill.

The Coronavirus has hit Mississippi hard in over the past few days and the numbers are continuing to increase.

Plummer coached at PCA in 1997-1998 where he had a 14-7 record as head coach.