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Foster’s Dark and Painful Journey



Don Foster (with permission)

We are honored to again bring readers a poem by Dongieux Foster, a lifelong resident of Satartia who spent his youth answering the call of his country in the United States Army. Mr. Foster said that at the time the following poem was written, he was in a dangerous place on a mission he longed to leave. However, he knew that leaving wasn’t possible if he were to ensure the safety of his family, his home and his nation.  It was during that dark time that Mr. Foster, the brave young soldier, wrote the following:


LORD please come and hold my hand
as I travel down this long road to eternity
and if the light grows dim and the road is dark
let your light shine that I may be able to see

and when my legs grow weak and weary
give me strength that I may be able to travel on
when clouds of doubt and fear invades my mind
just take the time to let me know I am never alone

When trials and tribulations surround me
and there seems to be no way I can escape
and I cry out LORD hold my hand tighter
that I may cease to tremble and shake

and when the way grows rough and rocky
hold my hand tighter LORD lest I should fall
wipe the sweat from my brow and tears from my eyes
tell me we’ll be there soon and have won it all

and when I grow to weak and weary to travel
pick me up dear LORD and carry me gently on
to that shining light I see just a short way up ahead
and when you reach it gently lay me down at the throne

Written by
Dongieux Foster
June, 1959

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