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Foster’s Hour of Decision



Last week Vicksburg Daily News introduced readers to 85-year-old Dongieux Foster, a lifelong resident of Satartia with amazing experiences to share and who never gave up his dream of being a published writer.

When Foster wrote “Hour of Decision”, he was a single, 27-year-old soldier and the world was in the midst of the Cold War.

He recalled, “The French were trying to stop the spread of Communism in Vietnam where we were destined to be soon, and still the middle East was boiling and every time we went on alert we wondered if we would ever return.”
He said, “The entire United States was filled with fear and knew that one wrong decision could bring about the total destruction of not only the United States but Russia, too. People were building bomb shelters and doing drills, getting ready to be destroyed by atomic bombs.”
Foster remembers how difficult and scary the times were for civilians, but point out the boys on the front lines were under much greater tensions and of course, were never noticed.
The following is what Foster wrote during that height of worldwide uncertainty.


In the darkest hour of decision
when minds seek the truth to know
when hope seems so far away
and danger seems to grow and grow
when tensions reaches it’s highest peak
and words flow strong and fast
when destruction shows its ugly face
from every crevice, wearing every mask
walking over the land we dearly love
sailing on the sea so deep and blue
flying through the windswept skies
that’s why I ask this question who
who is there on this earth today
that knows the answer to blessed peace
who is there to rest our weary minds
is there not one who can cause our fears to cease
where are the words of assurance we seek
where is the hand to calm our trembling soul
is there none that can help us now
to lift this blanket of darkness so cold
Nay, no ruler here on earth can stop
the slowly falling hand of fate
no king or servant great or small
can stop this growth of human hate
then is there no hope at all
to live a peaceful happy life again
is all our hopes and dreams to be a farce
must all our earnest efforts be in vain
can we not walk this road of life
together in peaceful joy and harmony
can we not walk hand in hand
and stave off this naked hour of destiny
there is no solution here on earth
where the desires of the flesh rule the mind
for the answer to our hopes and prayers
we must seek the creator of all mankind
the fountain of all wisdom and truth
as recorded in that wonderful book of love
yes the answer to this darkest hour of need
can only come from GOD above
written by Dongieux Foster
October, 1962
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