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Foster’s “The Dream”



(Photo by Claudia Schmalz from Pexels)

The year was 1956.

Twenty-year-old Satartia native Dongieux Foster was stuck in that awkward stage of not still a kid but not yet an adult. Like many others of that age, he struggled with the temptations of youth and the decisions that marked maturity.

And there were plenty of temptations in nearby Vicksburg. There was the Oasis on Clay Street, the Longhorn Bar on Hwy 80 at Bovina and Club 49 on Hwy 61 South.

For many mixed up ‘kids’ from the country, the enticement of Vicksburg proved too much. Instead of giving in to the temptations, Foster often turned to writing.


There was a dream so long ago
of a girl with long golden hair
standing in the open doorway
like a queen standing there

the sun’s rays seemed to slide by her
like a shadow waiting to disappear
here today full of love and life
and my love for her was so dear

her desire for excitement took her
and the shadow just seem to fade
time passed by until the word came
that her final trip had been made

the place she was laid to rest
the sun shines on her grave
she was laid there so long ago
beautiful girl so strong and brave

she left me here that fateful day
to face this lonely world alone
I will always cherish her memories
even though she is now gone

so I will live my lonely life here
knowing she is waiting there
till the day my journey ends
and there is no one left to care

then I will cross that stormy sea
over to the far distant shore
where I shall see that shining face
of my only true love once more

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