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Foster’s “The Thornell Sisters”



Image by Prettysleepy from Pixabay

The date was December, 28, 1953. The communities in and around Vicksburg were still struggling to cope with the devastation caused by the terrible tornado that hit on December 5th of that year. 

The tornado didn’t just demolish buildings and streets in its path. It also devastated families and friends of those who were killed that day. Buildings and streets can be rebuilt and repaired, but there is no “fixing” things for those who were in Saenger Theater in downtown Vicksburg.

Dongieux Foster knew two of the tornado’s victims. Two little sisters from the Thornell family perished in the theater, and many people were never quite the same again.



I am sure that you remember well
those two little girls named Thornell
they lost their lives that Saturday night
when the top of the saenger theater fell

when the terrible storm struct that day
and ripped it apart like an angry beast
and brought horror to everyone there
and spread its destruction to the East

we were still at work the next day
cleaning where the theater had stood
the broken bodies of two little girls
were found under that brick and wood

they lost their lives in that storm
that ripped apart everything in its way
the parents were so heartbroken
there were no words of comfort to say

someone had given them false hope
that they might could still be alive
but on this fateful day they were found
this quiet Sunday afternoon at five

as the news spread among us there
we all bowed our heads in grief
for we knew for the parents
there would be no signs of relief

The people in that city of Vicksburg
stood in awe of the destruction there
with aching hearts and souls of grief
left with but a flood of tears to share

why GOD would let this happen
so many innocent have to suffer so
that is something only He can answer
they now rest in the arms of God I know

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