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Vicksburg History

From the Archives: Vicksburg Hospital



vicksburg hospital
Vicksburg Hospital (Courtesy: Vicksburg Foundation for Historic Preservation)

The Vicksburg Hospital, built on the corner of Monroe and Veto streets, was founded on February 1, 1929 by Dr. I. C. Knox, Sr., Dr. W. H. Parsons, and Dr. Guy Anderson. Shortly thereafter, they established a graduate training program in surgery.

According to an article in the Vicksburg Evening Post, it was the first hospital in the state to have been approved by the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Parsons was the chief of staff and the director of graduate training. The training program required four years of study and was open to graduates of approved medical schools who had completed one year of internship in an approved hospital. In addition to the classes and hands-on practice, the student had to present a thesis and pass oral exams, after which the doctor was awarded the degree of Master of Science in Surgery from the School of Medicine, University of Mississippi.

A school of nursing was also organized in 1929 at the Vicksburg Hospital. In 1958, 224 women had graduated from the hospital nursing program. In 1947, a school was started for the training of laboratory technicians. Also about the same time, a tumor clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of malignant diseases, was instituted. A School of X-ray Technology was established in 1948 as a one-year training school, which was extended to a 2-year program in 1951.

During the 1950s, the hospital supplied the professional staff for the Vicksburg Hospital and Clinic Division of Kuhn Memorial Hospital. In 1972, a new hospital building was constructed on the Frontage Road and the Monroe Street building became vacant. After many attempts to convert it into apartments, a school, or office space, the city demolished it in 1991. The Vicksburg Police Department occupies the location today.

Nancy Bell, Vicksburg Foundation for Historic Preservation

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