Gators 42, Benton 42: Overtime!

Gators 42, Benton 42: Overtime!


The Tigers opened the fourth quarter with a touchdown to extend their lead to 21 points.

Quarterback Reagan with the Gators cut through several defenders in an impressive 23 yard run prompted by a broken play to score, making the score Gators 28, Tigers 42.

#3, Henderson, caught a broken play pass from Reagan, and with a perfect block from #15, Smith, ran more than 70 yards for a Gator touchdown to make the score 35 to 42.

An invigorated Gators defense pushed the Tigers all the way back to their 3 yard line making it 33 yards to go for a first down. The Gators forced a kick and took possession with 2:44 to go in the game.

A sack by the on third down with 44 seconds left threatened, but Quarterback Reagan, on yet another broken play, ran out of the backfield on the 45 cutting to the left of the field and flying past the Tigers for another touchdown. That effort tied the score at 42 each and set up overtime.