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Grass and outside fires and what you need to know



wildfire prevention
(Photo by skeeze from Pixabay)
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Now that we are done with ice, we must be vigilant about fire safety. With spring ahead and warmer weather inbound, many people will be doing yard work and wanting to burn debris.

Vicksburg and Warren County firefighters have responded to numerous grass and debris fires which often spread and get out of control. Shifts in wind patterns can be one cause of a runaway fire, so having a water source readily available before burning is a must.

“Many City of Vicksburg residents do not know that the Vicksburg Fire Department gives permission to burn.  There is no fee or charge, but this reduces calls to 911 for unauthorized burning.  Sometimes unauthorized burning may be mistaken for a structure fire, and a call to 911 activates a full fire department response,” said Vicksburg Fire Chief Craig Danczyk. “Please call Central Fire Station at 601-636-1603 or 601-636-1607 the day you want to burn.  We will come to your location and then notify 911 that permission was granted to burn.”

Warren County residents can anticipate being placed under a burn ban. Warren County Fire Coordinator Jerry Briggs is drafting a request for such action.

“I know everyone wants to clean up their yards due to the ice event, however we strongly discourage any outside burning. Also use extreme caution with outside fire pits and barbecue grills,” stated Briggs.

Chief Danczyk also cautioned, “Unauthorized burning can lead to property loss, injury, and liability to those responsible.  Use safe practices when burning responsibly outdoors.”

If you burn during a burn ban, firefighters will respond and extinguish the fire and you are subject to being cited by law enforcement.

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