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Grover continues to grow his music



Dia Grover: Photo submitted

Dia Grover is continuing to grow his music reputation of “rocking the crowd” which is getting much larger.

Grover, a Fayette, Mississippi native, began singing at a young age and decided to keep music as a big part of his life.

“My mother had me in the choir since I was about five or six years old and I wrote my first song at the age of 17,” Grover said.

“Come with me tonight” was Grover’s first song that he had written. It was never released due to the group that he wrote for splitting up.

Grover initially started off as an R&B singer but quickly switched over due to Fayette being a blues-preference town.

“My first album was actually R&B and the people in my town really supported my music but an older lady told me that if I wanted to get to the people out here I should go to blues,” Grover said.

Dia Grover

Grover is still growing his platform these days and has performed in places like Memphis, Atlanta, Texas, Alabama and Louisiana, just to name a few. He has also opened up for performers such as Pokey, J-Wonn and many other artists.

Hopping into the music business is a risky move for anyone, but Grover’s song “Rock Fayette Tonight” convinced him that music is definitely a good move for him due to his town’s positive feedback.

“They love it and they play it at the football games,” said Grover.

Grover’s next album “Just Bring It” comes out in January where the song “You’re My Baby” is listed as one of his favorites.

Although Grover has a special love for singing, he eventually wants to get into producing.

“I like writing so I want to bring along some younger talent because it’s a lot of talent in Mississippi that’s not heard,” Grover said.

Grover has also been in law enforcement since 1996 where he spent some time in Jefferson County, Vicksburg and Adams County, among others.

Music has definitely touched Grover in a spiritual way and he plans to make the best of it.

“Music just gives me a good peace of mind and I can feel everything just through a song,” said Grover.

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