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Guest Column

Guest column: Strays in Vicksburg



abandoned dog

Guest column written by Dianne Gargaro

For so many years, the rescue has dealt with the problems of strays in Vicksburg, praying people would start spaying and neutering their animals. For years we have prayed for a new shelter that wasn’t a toxic mess falling down around our and the animals’ ears and that would have the capacity for the numerous unwanted animals picked up in this county/city/place. We have begged. We have yelled. We have cried. We are now in a corner we can’t get out of because the new shelter promised by George Flaggs doesn’t feel like will ever be a reality. Because people still won’t fix their dogs and cats. Because people still dump or abandon or treat cruelly the animals they are supposed to care for. Because too many people are OK with pushing their problems off on the few who so desperately care and want to help the animals.

We shipped hundreds and hundreds up north until suddenly this year, they have more than they can find adopters for. We are up that creek with no paddles. We are trying to empty the ocean with a spoon.

There is only one thing that is going to fix this situation. We need to concentrate all our efforts on spaying and neutering our county/city dogs and cats…both stray and owned.
Like a friend said in another post, if George and these city leaders/citizens think a new shelter is too expensive, then let’s fund a free or low-cost spay/neuter clinic like the Big Fix right here in our town.

Just know rescue in Vicksburg is at a near standstill and rescues are failing all over the states. This is no joke. Do you think the situation with strays is bad now? Just wait. It’s going to get worse.

Our little city shelter has been so proud and happy to have a lower than 10% euthanasia rate. That qualifies as a no-kill. They didn’t have to do it for space the last couple of years. Just for sick or aggressive animals. We are now at 35% which includes healthy animals because they have to make room for new intakes. The only reason the city shelter can stop intakes is if there is a contagious disease on the premises.

Sip on this a while and just know the help available for strays/dumped/found dogs is nearly dried up.

Do your part. Any part. Get involved.

IMO the biggest reason problems don’t get fixed in Vicksburg is two-part. One, the politicians mouth a lot of stuff and they don’t follow through and two is apathy by the citizens. That’s mostly because they don’t feel listened to and don’t feel anything they do will make a difference.

If we really come together and really put pressure on the powers that be, we could solve this issue.

And yes, I realize not everyone cares about the stray/neglected/abused animals having decent lives, but you can judge a person or town by how they treat the helpless and that includes animals.

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