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‘Hack Your Brain’ at the Warren County-Vicksburg Public Library



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If you’re interested in helping to boost your or your child’s studying skills then come out to “Hack Your Brain” at the Warren County-Vicksburg Public Library, 700 Veto St., Saturday, Nov. 2, from 1 to 3 p.m.

Nate Crawford, Ph.D., a course mentor with Western Governors University, an online university based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is leading the event.

During the event, students will learn how to absorb more information while studying without taking up a lot more time.

“This event is tips and tricks to improve study habits,” said Katrina Stokes, director of the Warren County-Vicksburg Public Library. “The idea here is to teach students, anywhere from junior high on up to college age, some strategies to shorten the amount of time they’ve been studying and also make it more effective.”

Better study habits means improving retention rate, making it more likely students will be successful at test taking, she added.

“I’m hoping that this will help our students in the area, specifically the junior high through college level, to give them more confidence and better study abilities because that’s really what it comes down to is learning those effective habits,” Stokes said.

“Hack Your Brain” is open to the public. For more information regarding this event contact the Warren County-Vicksburg Public Library at 601-636-6411.

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