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Harris now teaching enhanced carry courses



Daniel Harris: Photo by Keith Phillips
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Daniel Harris is now teaching enhanced carry courses where individuals can learn about firearm safety.

Harris, who works for the Vicksburg Police Department, held his first class a few weeks ago where both men and women were in attendance.


Firearm course

As a certified NRA instructor and certified U.S. conceal carry instructor, Harris feels that firearm training should be a necessity in many households.

“I’m just trying to educate the public especially stay-at-home parents on how to use a firearm while learning the laws on what you can and can not do,”Harris said. Majority of the time most people don’t know how to use a gun even though everyone wants to protect their home.”

After successfully completing the course, individuals will be eligible for a conceal-carry permit which allows you to carry a concealed weapon in the state of Mississippi.

“I think about the nurses and the CNAs that go to work at night and somebody may have been scoping and watching them, then decide to rob them,” Harris said. With this course they’ll learn to protect themselves instead of just screaming and hollering.”

Women are highly encouraged to take the course due to some predators may view them as easier targets.

“I think it’s better for women to learn to be self-protectors because you can’t always depend on men to protect you so we have to learn to protect ourselves along with the ones we live with,” instructor Kimberley Huddleston said.

The course will be roughly eight hours long where much knowledge about the laws concerning firearms and the proper way to shoot will all be taught. Mississippi requires firearm instructors to teach certain aspects that may take longer to demonstrate than others states require.

“Our mission is to empower people with the knowledge and abilities to protect the ones that they lead, love and live with and it’s extremely important that people come out and be empowered on how to do those things,” instructor Marlon Huddleston said.

Marlon Huddleston: Photo by Keith Phillips

Marlon Huddleston: Photo by Keith Phillips

The enhanced-carry course is $120.00 and on April 1, Harris will host a “women’s day out shooting” where he will teach the participants on how to shoot and hold a gun while merging it with the conceal-carry course.

“I want to make our community as safe as possible because we will perish for the lack of knowledge,” Harris said.

The basic handgun course will be just $60.00.

Harris can be reached by messaging his Facebook page or calling him at 662-907-3278.

Harris is a crime scene investigator with the VPD and he also spent 15 years with the Ninth Circuit Drug Court.

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