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Heels to Hits: Vicksburg native Charity Lockridge to drop her first music album in the summer of 2021



Charity Lockridge
Charity Lockridge taken by Luminous

For many years Vicksburg native Charity Lockridge has kept her feelings and emotions inside, but now she has decided to express them with lyrics. She is a new music artist who goes by the stage name Cneaky and will soon drop her first album in the summer of 2021.

“I came up with that name because I felt that Charity was a potential reason that people underestimate me,” Cneaky said. “I think that the name fits me well, being that my appearance doesn’t give off the common female rapper who look so nice and sneak up on people with my talent. I think it’s clever.”

Lockridge is widely known around town for her years spent in the pageants, but she has come far from that and is now creating music that many individuals are willing to listen to.

Charity Lockridge

Charity Lockridge taken by Luminous

“Being a music artist has always been my dream and I want to create songs that are relatable to all crowds,” Cneaky said. “Music is my lifestyle, and I sing about my real life situations and things that I’ve been through.”

Cneaky is currently not signed to any record label but is managed by Christy Patrick and has future goals of being signed one day soon.

Although the luxury things that sometimes come with big time labels and artists can be tempting, Cneaky only really cares about creating a new style of music which she has dreamed of since the second grade.

While currently serving as Miss Hinds, Cneaky will have her first album titled “In da Lab” completed by this summer. She hasn’t worked with many other artists on the album but has received beats from Treyo Snapped.

Cneaky will provide updates on her upcoming album, and fans can visit her Instagram page at the link below to check out some of her music:

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