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Heggins retires after 3 decades of service to Warren County



Donnie Heggins, Billy Joe Heggins and John Heggins.

The Chief Deputy of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, Billy Joe Heggins, has retired after almost 30 years of service to the citizens of Warren County.

A retirement ceremony and party were held for Chief Deputy Billy Joe Heggins on a packed 3rd floor of the Warren County Courthouse. The room was standing room only with courtroom officials, law enforcement, retirees, family and friends. Among those in attendance were Judge James Chaney, Judge Marcie Southerland, Judge Toni Terrett and their respective office staff. District Attorney Rickey Smith and his team along with Vicksburg Police Chief Penny Jones and her entire commands staff including A-2, Mike Bryant, A-3, Charles Hill and A-4 Troy Kimble attended. Warren County Supervisors William Banks and Kelle Barfield were also in attendance.

The room was packed with law enforcement, family and friends. (Photo by David Day)

Numerous deputies, police officers, retired law enforcement came back to the courthouse to pay their respect for the lawman who has done it all in Warren County.

Sheriff Pace was the master of ceremonies and spoke with admiration for his Chief Deputy. “I found out early on he didn’t mind going and grabbing a rattlesnake or an alligator. …he taught me how to (capture an alligator).” The Sheriff went on to compliment Heggins on not only his skills as a lawman, but “He’s one of the most dedicated daddies I know. A lot of guys can be a father, but Billy raised those girls with 100% love and dedication,” an emotional Sheriff Pace continued, “And thank goodness now he’s perfecting his granddaddy skills.”

The Sheriff paused and said, “He is without question one of the most dedicated public servants I’ve ever been around.”

Sheriff Pace and Billy Joe Heggins. (Photo by David Day)

After the Sheriff spoke, District Attorney Ricky Smith thanked Heggins for his professionalism and honesty saying, “I’ve learned to not ask Heggins a question if I didn’t want to hear the answer.”

Judge Southerland complimented Heggins on his calm demeanor and abilities and Judge Chaney thanked Heggins for showing him the ropes when Chaney was first elected. Judge Terrett echoed DA Ricky Smith’s comment and added, “If you don’t want to know the truth, then don’t ask Billy Joe.” The judge went on to wish Heggins a long and happy retirement.

Vicksburg Police Chief Penny Jones got the biggest laugh of the day when she jokingly asked Heggins, “Why is it when girls are in power, y’all are leaving?”

Chief Jones and the entire command staff showed up. (Photo by David Day)

A thankful Heggins noted the job has always been demanding and took a lot of time away from family, he said, “It’s not a health thing. He and I(the Sheriff) didn’t fight it out or anything. It’s just time and I need to spend time with the second generation.”

Billy Joe Heggins and a possible future lawman, Cooper Heggins. (Photo by David Day)

After the send-off, the crowd enjoyed mingling and a buffet of snacks in the adjacent hall.



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