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Just Plain Fun

Hobens claim first 5-foot snowmen of 2021



(photo courtesy of the Hobens)

The magic of a good snowfall is a sight seldom seen in our fair city. On rare occasion we wake to see the world outside our windows coated with the pristine blanket of snow that greets us Monday morning.

Pristine for some, but there are few days that bring out the kid in all of us the way a proper snow day can.  The Hobens were among those Vicksburgians that jumped a the chance to build a snowman, make snow angel and enjoy winter’s most anticipated offering: snow. Their view will not be a pristine winter wonderland, instead they will gaze upon the life-size snowmen they built together Sunday night.

Bridget and Nate Hoben claim the first 5-foot snowmen of 2021 (photo with permission)

Snowfall thick enough for snow angels is a rare opportunity (courtesy of the Hoben family)

The Hoben’s were not the only folks excited about the weather.  Three-year-old Presley Hilderbrand is experiencing snow for the very first time tonight. Grandpa John built a mini-snowman just for him and brought some of the winter magic indoors.

John Hilderbrand brought a bit of the winter wonderland indoors (photo by Nicole Warnock)

Who else has already braved the cold to build a snowman?  Who remembers the last time that you were able to build one?  Who in your family is seeing snow for their first time?  We invite you to share your snow day adventures with us, as well as your favorite wintertime memories, by sending us a message on Facebook or emailing INFO@VICKSBURGNEWS.COM.


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