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Hope & A Future continues to mentor kids this summer



Front: Daliah Heard. Right: Alaiyah Smith, Quinley Daniels and Shelia Smith. Left: Deberay Carmichael, Cassidy Carmichael and Kesean Smith. (Photo by Keith Phillips)

VICKSBURG, Miss. (Vicksburg Daily News) –  Hope & A Future Youth Mentoring and Ministry have been busy this summer leading the youth into having a relationship with God.

(Photo by Keith Phillips)

The program is led by director Deberay Carmichael and assistant director Shelia Smith. Both take time to lead the young group in various activities three times a week.

The youth focuses on their “need to do activities” at the beginning of the day, such as creative their vision boards, community service projects and round table discussion of issues they are facing.

After everyone completes their need to do activities, they can begin to focus on their “want to do activities”, which can consist of electronic games, painting, karaoke, sports and various other activities that the program has to offer.

Various activities are offered within the program. (Photo by Keith Phillips)

Having a relationship with God is one of the main purposes of the program, which is why the kids participate in opening prayer, mission statement, learning books of the Bible, devotional reading and discussions that help them further understand the importance of living a positive life.

The group also participates in weekly outings, where they visit local places such as museums and restaurants throughout the summer while the kids are on school break.

The program will continue until July 31, after their fish fry, and will pick back up next summer. Kids who are involved must be good students, well behaved and want a relationship with God.

(Photo by Keith Phillips)

Although the summer program will end soon, Carmichael has plans to start an additional program for senior citizens where they can play games, exercise and enjoy one another’s company.

(Photo by Keith Phillips)

Hope & A Future is still at a new stage of beginning and building their program. If anyone wishes to speak to the youth, donate or want to learn more about the program can contact Carmichael at 601-415-7945 or Smith at 601-831-2590.

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