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UPDATE: Horses back at the barn this morning




The horses are all back at the barn as of about 3:30 a.m. Friday. We hope to have more on their return later today.

From Kacie Lindsey via Facebook: “Horses are SAFE & HOME!!! Not what we wanted to do from 1:30-3:30 this morning but we got them that’s what matters. Nobody was hurt & neither are the horses. Team effort with 2 humane society employees, 2 WCSO, & 3 VPD.”

Original story:

After a day of reverting to their wild natures, four horses that escaped from the Vicksburg Warren Humane Society Wednesday are still eluding capture and avoiding a return to lives of domesticity.

The horses graze in a field behind Denby Road on Wednesday night.

The Humane Society, located on U.S. Highway 61South, rescued three of the horses, all mares, on Jan. 9, 2019, a year ago today, from an abusive situation. Since then, lots of loving care and groceries have nursed them back to health.

One, Green Halter, about 5 years old, gave birth to Tobias, a colt, 10 months ago.

Mare and foal broke out of their pen yesterday taking their little equine herd with them on their bid for freedom. Along for the run is Pink, who is 3 or 4, and Luna, who is a year and a half.

The horses went running towards Demby Drive, and the fear is that they will end up on a road endangering themselves and any drivers that may encounter them. Hitting a horse at highway speeds is no joke, as they can weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds.

Today, a six-woman mounted posse made several valiant attempts to round up the horses and get them back to safety. Georgia Lynn, Kacie Tingle Lindsey, Helen Vinzant, Bridget Cortezie, Gina Matthews and Faydra Bailey have been scouring the fields and woods to find them. They’ve spotted the horses twice, but so far, despite offerings of sweet treats, the horses haven’t let anyone near them.

The assembled posse discusses their strategy to capture the evasive equines.

The little herd is about three miles from the shelter and in the woods, making them especially difficult to round up.

Joining the mounted women in the hunt today is Don McAuley on his four-wheeler and Chief Deputy Billie Jo Heggins of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

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