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How many calories is in that fast-food choice?



Hardees Monster Thickburger can add to the thickness of your waist and thighs. Image from Hardees.

Almost all of us do it from time to time. Hungry, short on time or on the road, we pull into that fast-food joint’s drive-through lane to grab a quick bite.

Finding something healthy can be a challenge depending on the restaurant we choose. Even a relatively safe choice like salad can add a ton of calories if you douse those greens in creamy ranch dressing.

Some selections, though, are clear winners for most calories in a single serving, even without the added tasty “meal” options of a large serving of fries and a super-sized soda.

USA Today recently ran a feature showing the top 29 most calorie-laden choices on fast-food menus.

Sonic’s Asian Sweet Chili Boneless Wings topped the list of high-calorie fast-food choices. Image from Sonic.

Here are a few of the “winners” that you’ll want to stay away from if you’re watching your weight, or you’re tracking your sugar and salt intake. Keep in mind that the number of calories, salt and sugar you need in a day varies on your gender, age and activity level, but all of these options represent from half to all of the calories a healthy adult requires in any given day, and exceed the limits of sugar and salt—some by quite a lot.

Arby’s had several items on the list, including a large Jamocha Handcrafted Shake at 950 calories, not to mention 700 mg of salt and 141 grams of sugar. But hey, it’s a milkshake. What did you expect?

Del Taco’s Macho Combo Burrito matches that Arby’s shake in calories, but ups the salt to 1,840 mg.

And those oh-so-tasty Sonic Chili Cheese Tots? A large portion comes in at 960 calories and even more salt: 2,690 mg. Its Peanut Butter shake? 1,490 calories.

Whataburger makes the list as well with a few sandwiches including its Green Chile Double: 980 calories.

Speaking of shakes, a large Oreo Shake at Krystal runs 1,010 calories with 127 grams of sugar. And a dozen Boneless Wings with BBQ Sauce are 1,080 calories with a whopping 4,040 mg of salt.

Hardees Monster Thickburger comes in at 1,300 calories.

Coming in at no. 1 on the list is Sonic’s Asian Sweet Chili Boneless Wings. A single 24-piece serving has 1,860 calories and 5,820 mg of salt.

To see the full list of 29 items, visit the USA Today website.


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