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How to catch those trashy people who litter



(courtesy of Laura Beauman)

A post about littering on social media sparked interest from the Vicksburg Daily News team.

The comment on social media said:

“If I volunteer to pick up BAGS of other peoples trash bags full of “———“ they so inconsiderately and consistently throw out on the side of the road…if I find any personal identifying information in it, can I submit it to WCSO to file a complaint?”

Laura Beauman also posted about litter she sees down Highway 61, saying, “It is an ongoing unsightly mess that detracts from another entrance into the City as well as to the residents that live here.”

Laura Beauman took this photo at the intersection of 61 S and Redbone.

The Vicksburg Daily News reached out to local law enforcement to see what citizens can do. On the issue of people picking up litter and finding identifying information, “Littering is a quality of life issue that is prevalent not only in Warren County but around the state. It devalues property and damages the overall image of a community. Littering and illegal dumping is prosecuted when we have evidence to obtain a conviction in court,” explained Sheriff Martin Pace.

Vicksburg Police Chief Penny Jones mentioned, “Yes. They can make an official report, bring some of the documents they have.” Chief Jones went on to offer how a citizen can respond if they see someone littering, “If someone sees someone littering they can call 601-636-3411 to make a report.”

“If someone sees someone littering they can call 601-636-3411 to make a report.”

In a study released this year by Keep America Beautiful, they found that there are an estimated 152 items littering American roadways and waterways for every U.S. resident and more than 2,000 pieces of litter per mile.

Litter is more than just ugly and off-putting, there are serious environmental and financial consequences as well. Nationwide, litter clean up costs the U.S. more than $11.5 billion every year.

Here are some things that you can do to help prevent litter:

  • Make sure trash bags are tied securely and outdoor trash cans remain closed.
  • Keep a litterbag in your car and make sure your floorboards and door compartments are free from debris that could fall or blow out.
  • Educate children about the importance of disposing of trash properly.
  • Participate in community clean-up events.
  • Reduce how much trash you create by:
    • Bringing reusable bags on shopping trips
    • Using washable water bottles and reusable straws
    • Bring your own container for leftovers when you eat out






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