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Huge Alligator Gar caught in Mississippi waters




By Julie Straw – 
JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – It was a monster of a fish that took four grown men to move.  The Alligator Gar was about 8 feet, 5 inches long and weighed more than 327 pounds. “I’m getting overwhelmed just being with this big fella now,” said Kenny Williams. It was days since Williams caught the giant when he saw the fish again.  He still couldn’t wrap his mind around it. “Me and my own little bitty self.  I might have lost, but I wasn’t going to give up too easy,” said Williams. Williams is a commercial netter.  Monday he was looking to catch buffalo fish in the Chotard Lake in Issaquena County. He got more than he bargained for when the Alligator Gar got tangled in one of his nets. “I could get this much out of the water.  It is as much as I could get out of the water at one time and he wasn’t even over the rail of the boat.  I was like how big is this thing?” said Williams. All by himself, inch by inch, Williams managed to hoist the fish into his 16 foot long boat Here is link to the story with video highlights-]]]]> ]]>

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