Huge brush fire on the Yazoo/Warren County line

Huge brush fire on the Yazoo/Warren County line


Yazoo County firefighters fought a massive brush fire on hunting land just inside the Yazoo County line Monday night on Russelville Road.

The fire was first reported by a power company truck that responded to the area for reports of a power outage. When the truck arrived it saw the large brush fire and reported it to the authorities.

At 6:22 p.m. Yazoo County firefighters reached out to Warren County firefighters for additional equipment to help with the fire. Warren County firefighter Zachary Hearn responded from the NorthEast fire station with a fire truck equipped with water.

Firefighters assemble to fight the blaze. Photo by Zach Hearn

Other firefighters from Warren County joined Yazoo County firefighters to assist in bringing the fire under control.

The fire burned all the way to Russelville Road on one side and well inside the 800-acre hunting property. Smoldering embers could be seen inside the fenced-in area from the roadway.