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“I’m fine” – Sheriff Martin Pace after testing positive for COVID



Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace (Photo by David Day)

VICKSBURG, Miss. (VDN) – Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace announced to the Vicksburg Daily News that he had tested positive for COVID.

“I’m fine,” said Pace. “I received word on or about the 27th of July that someone I had been in contact with over the weekend had just tested positive for COVID. Because of the number of people I come into contact with on a daily basis, although I had no symptoms, I went the very next day to be tested and the results were positive for COVID. I have had very minimal symptoms, if any, maybe a stuffy head but no other symptoms at all. I’ve been on 10-day quarantine away from anyone else and have been working remotely from home. My quarantine will be up tomorrow.”

The Sheriff continued, “I credit the fact that I am fully vaccinated for the minor symptoms I’ve experienced. I was fully vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine on the first of March and the vaccine performed exactly as it’s supposed to do. It kept me from having any severe symptoms. I strongly urge anyone who is still hesitant about the vaccine to please speak with their own doctor about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. And don’t rely on social media chatter to get your information.”

The Sheriff maintains one of the toughest work schedules of anyone in Warren County. His days often start before the sun goes up and well past midnight.

“I’ll catch a nap when I can on those days, but a lot of times the adrenaline will keep me going. You have to have a passion for this type of job and it is in my blood,” Said Pace. “But,” the Sheriff joked, “If this is what retirement is like the people of Warren County will have to put up with me for as long as they will let me.”

The Sheriff encouraged people to “Keep in your prayers those who are suffering but also the medical professionals and the caregivers. That includes the doctors and nurses, the EMTs and paramedics and all medical professionals. They have families as well and they are putting their lives on the line for us.”



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