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What Are You're Voting On? (Initiative 31)




click here. Now we take a look at something that’s not quite so controversial, but still hotly contested amongst some groups. Initiative 31 – Eminent Domain Initiative 31, also known as the Eminent Domain Amendment, would amend the Mississippi Constitution to prohibit state and local government from taking private property by eminent domain and then conveying it to other persons or private businesses for a period of 10 years after acquisition. Exceptions from the prohibition include drainage and levee facilities, roads, bridges, ports, airports, common carriers, and utilities. The prohibition would not apply in certain situations, including public nuisance, structures unfit for human habitation, or abandoned property. What this means is that the government cannot take your land so that they can turn over the deed to a private company.   Under the guide of this amendment, the land the government takes, with some exceptions, will have to be used for actual government projects, not private industry. The exceptions are for condemned structures, abandoned properties and properties that have been deemed as a public nuisance.  Land can be turned over to private entities that operate public utilities, but many of those entities already negotiate their own contracts with landowners. Mississippi businessman Leland Speed failed in an attempt to have the Mississippi Supreme Court remove the initiative from the ballot. The main pro initiative website is: We couldn’t find a website that argues against the amendment. Click here to read the actual text of the initiative and selected arguments for and against the proposed amendment. The last initiative to look at is Initiative 27 – The “Voter ID” Amendment]]]]> ]]>

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