It’s Laura Beth’s Time To Lead

It’s Laura Beth’s Time To Lead


Originally we had planned to publish an editorial calling for the Convention and Visitors Bureau and it’s Board of Directors to appoint Laura Beth Strickland to the Executive Directors position following the announcement of Bill Serratt’s retirement. We discussed it over lunch on Monday. Before we got back in front of our respective computers, there was an email stating she had in fact been appointed to the position.

We applaud this move.

She has been groomed by Serratt to take the Bureau to even greater heights. Bill Serratt has served this community well.  Tourism numbers are at an all-time high and continue to grow. The team he assembled along with the marketing plan they put in place will be best served by having someone with a complete working knowledge of the components at the helm. Laura Beth has won numerous awards for her work in the tourism industry. She brings a strong knowledge of social media and marketing to the position. Plus she is a Vicksburg native. We believe that because she has her roots in and is well grounded in Vicksburg that she isn’t likely to use this as a stepping stone to another position. This is one time everyone should feel confident the right person was selected for this important position.

Congratulations Laura Beth, we look forward to helping and watching you take Vicksburg’s image to greater heights.