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Devastating fire claims life of one-year-old in Jackson; community questions response time



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Tragedy struck early Sunday morning in Jackson, Mississippi, when a fire on Clinton Circle took the life of one-year-old Cyaire Henderson. Inside the house at the time of the fire were five children, ranging in age from an infant to 12 years old, WLBT reports.

The initial investigation by Jackson Fire Department suggests that the fire originated from a grill. However, Assistant Chief Patrick Armon has emphasized that investigations are ongoing.

As authorities continue to investigate the cause of the blaze, concerns about the response time of the fire department have emerged. A neighbor, across the street from the burning house, pointed out potential illegal wiring as a possible cause for the fire. She criticized the delayed response from the fire department, even though Fire Engine 15 on Clinton Boulevard is located less than half a mile away. Other residents shared similar concerns, reporting multiple calls to 911 before seeing any response.

A  claim made by the relative pertained to the remarks of an Entergy worker. According to her, the worker highlighted faulty wiring leading to a shed as the potential cause of the fire. “It wasn’t a grill that set this house on fire. It was electricity that was set up incorrectly,” she stated.

Amidst the chaos and tragedy, stories of heroism have also surfaced. Neighbor Aaron Aaron, a 29-year-old resident, saw the flames and rushed inside the house. Braving the thick smoke, he managed to rescue a seven-year-old boy but was unable to locate the second child due to the overwhelming smoke.

The family is now faced with the grim task of rebuilding their lives, having lost their home and possessions. Consisting of a 12-year-old girl, an 11-year-old boy, and girls aged 8, 7, and 2, along with their 36-year-old parents, the family is currently in search of a new residence. Those interested in assisting can reach out at 601-566-3465.

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